Spotlight Story: Meet Paul & Ankit

Paul and Ankit enjoy the time they spend together. They are reading, Aru Sha and the End Time, by Roshani Chokshi. They take turns reading aloud and following along while the other one reads. Ankit says it’s “kind of like him” in that the character’s parents grew up in India but the character (& Ankit) grew up more in another country/culture. Ankit is familiar w/the culture & mythology of this book so he can add explanations to the book for Paul. They both enjoy sports and are involved with the Special Olympics. Ankit says, “I am proud to work with Paul. He is just an amazingly positive and compassionate person. I honestly can’t pinpoint a single favorite moment.”

More from Ankit:

What does a normal day look like for you?

My normal day definitely varies every day haha. I try to wake up early, get my family and school commitments done. I tend to mostly work in the afternoons.

Why do you love what you do?

I get to be creative at work. Having two-way trust means a lot and goes a long way for me.

What’s a favorite moment you’ve had with a person you’ve supported?

I am involved a lot with the Special Olympics along with the individuals we serve. I got to experience my first husker basketball/baseball games with Paul.

Tell us about a time you were proud of an individual you serve.

I am proud to serve Paul. He is just an amazingly positive and compassionate person. I honestly can’t pinpoint it down to one single moment. We both share the love of sports so if I had to pick one it would be competing in the Special Olympics.

More from Paul:

What are your favorite things to do?

I am really into lots of things! I love being active and participate in a variety of sports. My favorites are soccer, basketball & tennis. I love music both listening to it and making it. Elton John, Josh Groban, and Elvis Presley are some of my favorite musicians. I like to play around with a variety of instruments but enjoy the mandolin, harmonica, baritone and guitar. I also sing in an inclusive choir called i2 Choir at UNL. I like to read and spend a lot of time with my family.

What have you done lately that you’re proud of?

I have been learning to cook more. I have also been helping my friend Eric as a volunteer soccer coach and have been learning new soccer moves. I’m going to be starting at a second job – the company asked me to work there, which is cool. I also recently lost ten pounds! I have been walking daily with my mom and we have been working on this goal together. I’m proud of my fitness and getting stronger, especially my deadlifts.

How have you helped someone recently?

I have recently been coaching 5th grade soccer. I am also very helpful around my house and help with day-to-day chores such as vacuuming or unloading the dishwasher. My friends know me as helpful also and I’m happy to pitch in when I visit them!

What do you love about Apace?

I enjoyed speaking at the Symposium a few years ago and telling everyone all about Paul. I enjoy working with my staff Ankit & Mary and all the things we do together.

What’s your current goal?

I really want to go to more coffee shops and hang out around town again more, like at the Bay with my friend, Eric. Covid has made this hard. I would like to be more confident with my coaching and work on my “coaching voice” more. 


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