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Our goal is to support Region V Services and to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities in Southeast Nebraska.

The Region V Foundation helps provide services that may not be available through usual funding methods, including:

Day Services



Job Coaching

Other Programs & Experiences

Empowering Possible Grant

The Region V Foundation is excited to announce the Empowering Possible Grant.

The purpose of this grant is to provide a level of support for an individual where there has been no support previously. This grant will provide funding for experiences or adaptive equipment needs not covered by other funding sources.

Acceptable uses of grant funding would be once-in-a-lifetime trips, local experiences, accessibility modifications to homes, and adaptive vans or equipment.

The Empowering Possible Grant is open to any individual supported by Region V Services or living in Nebraska who has an intellectual or developmental disability.

The Region V Foundation recognizes that emergencies happen at any time and will have emergency funding available throughout the year. If you experience such an event and are in need, please reach out to the Region V Foundation at any time even if the submission period has closed.

The funding for this grant is made possible by donations from our friends, family, and community supporters. Here is the list of this year’s recipients.

Alan and Jeremy are roommates in Beatrice, and they want to take a vacation to go fishing at Lake McConaughy. Without additional support, it has not been feasible for them to take a vacation.

Crystal, from Auburn, has collected Precious Moments figures for most of her life and has wanted to visit the Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, Missouri. However, the trip cost is too much for Crystal without assistance.

Steven, from Beatrice, will receive a new wheelchair. Due to outside factors, Medicaid has denied his request multiple times. A wheelchair will allow Steven to be more independent.  

Retired professor of band music at Doane University, Dr. Jay Gilbert will conduct a choral music program for any interested Region V Services individuals. The chorus will meet twice a month at our Crete Day Center and hold one performance.

Wahoo has individuals who love to get out on the lake and go fishing, and with assistance from Live Well Go Fish, we can make that a possibility. 

Quentin, from Lincoln, will receive a low air mattress. Earlier this year, the air mattress pump gave out on his current model. Quentin does not have the funds necessary to replace them.

Nate, from Lincoln, has mobility issues. His physical therapists have recommended a walk-in tub to help relax his muscles and provide other therapeutic features to help ease aches and pains.

Luke, from Lincoln, has been raising money for a service dog since 2021. A service dog will help increase Luke’s independence by assisting with everyday tasks such as opening and closing doors, turning lights on and off, and helping prevent falls, among many other tasks.

Julie, from Omaha, uses a power wheelchair, which can be difficult as there are hazards to navigate, such as cracks, curbs, crowds of people, and tight spaces. Julie is also sight impaired, which makes navigating her chair even more difficult. A software system, named Luci, can be added to Julie’s chair to help Julie to be more independent and keep her safe.

Angela, from York, needs a new bed that allows her to participate in dressing and personal care as much as she is able. Angela will receive a new adjustable bed that will move up and down and has a bed rail.

Amy, from York, will receive a shower chair because of her mobility issues, she requires a mobile base to be safely bathed.

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The Region V Foundation has been around since 1991, purchasing housing and vehicles. As of 2021, we have purchased 46 houses and 86 vehicles.


We strive for a community where those who experience disabilities are included. By providing tools and resources, we educate the public and connect members of the community.

IRS Form 990 available by request.

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