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Updated COVID-19 Mask Expectations for Region V Services effective August 6, 2021

Region V Services continues to monitor COVID-19 cases throughout the state. As reported cases are increasing throughout the state, we are now offering the following guidance for mask usage within Region V Services. Please note that due to the nature of the services we provide, masks may be required in certain situations.

Day Centers, Indoor Crowded Spaces, and Transportation:

Mask usage is mandatory for all persons in Day Centers, crowded indoor community settings, and in vans, cars, or vehicles for all staff and individuals supported. Mask usage is especially critical when social distancing is not possible and around those who cannot wear masks.

Residential Settings:

Mask usage is highly encouraged in residential settings. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the management team for that location. If the individuals supported, families, or other concerned parties are asking that a mask be worn in the residence we will honor their request.

Central Office and other office settings:

Masks will be required for meetings where you cannot maintain social distancing. CDC guidance applies to all outside visitors to Region V settings – mask usage is encouraged for all persons in indoor settings.

  • If staff are taking individuals supported out in the community, Region V Services does require our staff to adhere to local business regulations and requests to wear a mask in their establishment.

Please reach out to Central Office if you have further questions or need further guidance.

We will continue to evaluate our policies and send updates as warranted.

Vaccinations are highly encouraged:

It is the recommendation of Region V Services that all employees receive the full dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Within Region V Services, we have seen firsthand that vaccinated individuals who are exposed to COVID-19 avoid severe illness, hospitalizations, and death. Additionally, per current CDC guidance, those who are vaccinated quarantine for shorter lengths of time if they are exposed. It is more urgent than ever, especially with the Delta variant becoming more prevalent, that those who are able should get the COVID-19 vaccination. These vaccines have proven to be both safe and effective.

If you need assistance getting a COVID-19 vaccination, please contact your coordinator or central office.